Meet the Realwired Team

A commercial real estate technology consulting company with over 25 years in the commercial real estate business and technology.  We focus on what makes the commercial real estate industry tick – people and the relationships they build.


Brenda Dohring Hicks, MAI

Founder & CEO



Jeff Hicks, MAI

Founder & President



Sunda Scanlon



Scott Blinkhorn

Tom Tijerina

Steve Floyd

Will Monnery Realwired Productivity Consultant for Realwired YouConnect Demo

Will Monnery

Matt Spartley

Alan Mills

Melissa Wright

Anamary Valdes

Samantha McGarrity

Austin Lerner

Dean Akers

Veronica Van Dyke

Samuel Klein

Missie Guillette

Leigh Wild

Matt Conti

Ari Harrison

Tye Fredrickson

Jason Eggers

Why RealWired?

Richelle Morrissey

Richelle Morrissey
Appraisal & Environmental
Risk Admin.

Valley Bank

“In addition to providing superb customer support, I find YouConnect’s reporting to be very user friendly and straightforward. The most user friendly I’ve used.”

Donna Beard 

Donna Beard RERG Residential Appraisal Reviewer Fifth Third Bank

“I like the platform and it is more user friendly than our last application. Customer service is excellent, they always respond very quickly to solve the issue.”


Erik Hector

Erik Hector, MAI Managing Member Hector Company

You, and your company are first class.

Andy Luzod

Andy Luzod, MAI Chief Appraiser Fifth Third Bank

“The responsiveness of Realwired staff for their YouConnect workflow platform has been outstanding for our appraisal, environmental and relationship teams.”

Jennifer Green

Jennifer Green
RE Comm. Valuation Analyst Mgr. and Systems Admin.

First Interstate Bank

“The support I have received has been better than I could have expected and surpasses the service received from prior appraisal platforms we’ve used.

Innovative, Experienced and Customer Focused

Innovative Banking Solutions

Streamline your appraisal department with real-time workflow, automated vendor management and reporting.

Experienced Appraisers

Founders are licensed commercial real estate appraisers with 25+ years of experience driven to solve problems and address the needs of the commercial appraisal industry.


Targeted Software

A service company that provides exceptional appraisal software. Established yet agile.

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