Commercial appraisal report writing software application Edge takes commercial appraisal report writing to a new level. Automate your appraisals without learning a new application.


Edge is a simple to use, but powerful appraisal report writing software solution.

A stand-alone application that integrates seamlessly with Word, Excel and DataComp .

Commercial real estate software built and designed by commercial real estate appraisers. Edge is our commercial appraisal report writing software that is incorporated into Microsoft Word and Excel.

When we designed our report writing program Edge, we first talked to many appraisers about other products they were using. Many appraisers are tired of copying and pasting their reports. We learned that report writing for commercial appraisers needs to be simple to use, configurable, easy to implement, supported and should not be labor intensive. As such Edge was developed into the ease of Microsoft Word and the power of Excel so there is no new software to learn.

There is no magic bullet for changing the way you create your commercial appraisals. As commercial appraisers, we get it. You love your report format. You don’t want any canned reports with stale language and meaningless boiler plate. That’s why we developed Edge, our commercial appraisal report writing solution, with a simple, but powerful Excel input and Word output. Edge allows you total control as you automate your reports. The software allows you to keyword your reports so they look exactly the way they do now. No cookie-cutter reports. Edge is highly customizable with few restrictions on the user. It also allows consistency of your appraisal reports company wide and the software facilitates the training of new appraisers to your firm.

Like many other industries, commercial appraising is going through structural changes. Commercial appraisers work long hours and have a demanding client base that rely on timely and accurate information. Quoting four weeks on a straightforward appraisal is no longer acceptable…one to two week delivery is now the norm in many markets. The reduction in errors, quicker turnaround times and ultimately better appraisal products are the results of your efforts. Moreover, report consistency expedites the internal review of appraisals.

It takes money, time and most importantly a willingness to change. That last item can be challenging for all of us since we feel fairly efficient in the way we create our reports. However, most appraisers will never go back to the “old way” once they experience the efficiency of report writing with their everyday appraisals.

We also offer template creation consulting services with our Edge experts to help you get up and going. Both the CEO and President of RealWired are MAI’s and have taught Commercial Appraisal Productivity Seminars through the Appraisal Institute. Our experts can provide best practice recommendations to facilitate report writing and its implementation within your appraisal firm.

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