Mobility is our cloud based solution for DataComp and Edge, hosted by Microsoft.


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Many commercial appraisal firms are working remotely and require software that enables them to be freed from their office desk. Mobility is our cloud-based solution for DataComp (our comparable database of sales and rental data) and Edge (our commercial report writing software). With Mobility, these programs look and work exactly the same way as they do on your desktop.

DataComp and/or Edge applications are installed locally, but the SQL database portions of DataComp (your comparable data) and Edge (the Client and Appraiser Lists and Dropdown data) are moved from your local server to Microsoft’s hosted cloud. This allows you to access the database portions in the cloud from any location where there is internet connectivity, not just from your internal office network. Automatic backups are frequently taken of your SQL database to provide peace of mind.

Additionally, your library of supporting files for DataComp and Edge can be accessed from file hosting services like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, or alternatively a company cloud server or a VPN connection to your company server. The supporting files typically include DataComp comp pictures, Edge templates, current and archived appraisal reports, neighborhoods, zoning descriptions and research data. Your appraisers and support staff can work together on appraisals either in the office at home or remotely.

The commercial appraisal industry is becoming more competitive. The flexibility of appraiser and support staff schedules is becoming more critical to the success of appraisal firms. The ability to access your comparable data and create appraisal reports in the cloud allows your appraisers to be maximally productive.

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