Manager – Web-based commercial appraisal workflow application


Manager is a web-based commercial appraisal workflow application built and designed by commercial real estate appraisers.

Manager provides a daily organizational tool that expedites the workflow in an appraisal firm. Internal organization is key to productivity whether you’re a large firm or only a two person firm.

Manager is a web-based application that allows you to quickly discern the status of all appraisals in progress.

The highly configurable dashboard view allows you to keep tabs on work in progress, even on your cell phone.

At RealWired, we believe that without workflow tracking, details about appraisal assignments can potentially fall through the cracks causing additional work for appraisers, protracted in-house reviews and late reports. Your appraisers are instantly notified when a bid turns into an assignment and have all the information to start the assignment.

With Manager, you can track metrics such as appraiser production volume and quickly discern their current workload for new assignments. The ability to instantly know the stage of all reports “in the door” is a game changer. Manager also allows you to track the bid acceptance ratio by client. Discerning bidding trends by client and scope of work is important so you can increase your firm’s revenue.

Manager substantively improves the flow of information between the firm owner and your appraisers. Instead of jotting important job information on legal pads, keep all the details you currently juggle in your head. All this data is available to your appraisers so you never miss a beat. Manager allows all information to be captured during the bidding process including any phone discussions, emails, and attachments. Google Map all current assignments to cut down on subject property inspection drive time. Invoicing and billing is also handled with Manager.

Web-based commercial appraisal workflow application that can be accessed from any browser, Windows, Mac or cell phone.

The application allows you to track appraisal fees and generate invoices. Our billing module also allows you to delineate appraisal fees for portfolio work or for those team-based assignments which may include multiple appraisers, researchers and/or outside vendors.

The most successful business people always focus their efforts on revenue, not expenses. It’s time to adapt to the changes and arm yourselves with new solutions. The commercial appraisal market is too competitive to continue to manage your appraisal firm on an old Excel job log and Outlook. Both the CEO and President of RealWired are MAI’s and have taught Commercial Appraisal Productivity Seminars through the Appraisal Institute. We have talked to appraisal firms throughout the United States compiling best practices when it comes to commercial appraisal workflow.


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