Appraisal Suite Testimonials

“The technical support and customer service that RealWired provides its DataComp customers is exceptional. Being a DataComp user for over 10 years we know we can rely on them to fix an issue on the rare occasions that we ever have one.”

– Ronald W. Braun, MAI
McCormick, Braun & Seaman

McCormick, Braun & Seaman

“DataComp is terrific. Powerful, flexible and easy to use, DataComp has a short learning curve and provides instant organization, easy sharing and great search ability for every kind of comp data. It is easily one of the best investments I have ever made.”

-Robert Gagliano, MAI
Gagliano Appraisal, LLC

Gagliano Appraisal, LLC

“EDGE allows me to easily integrate the existing report formats and input templates that my office was already utilizing. Its ease of use allowed a seamless transition for all the appraisers in my office from our previous reports to the EDGE software while providing us the benefit of error free reports.”

– Robert Driggers, MAI
Driggers Commercial Group

Driggers Commercial Group

“We simply love DataComp! It’s such a great way to store our comps and photos. Honestly, we don’t know why every appraiser doesn’t use DataComp!”

– Connie Witter, MAI
Covert Appraisal Services

Covert Appraisal Services
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