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YouConnect Assist is your customized system with a personal assistant.


The regulations are clear – you can’t outsource your risk and responsibilities when it comes to outsourcing to third parties, but you can lower your personnel cost and ensure quality with YouConnect Assist – a service provided by RealWired where you make the decisions and we run the software. We save you time and money while freeing up your people because YouConnect Assist is your customized system with a personal assistant.

Utilizing YouConnect software, RealWired manages the day to day operations of soliciting bids, ordering reports (appraisal, property condition, environmental, evaluation, review, etc.), tracking all requests through completion and storage. RealWired also assists with administrative functions such as managing vendor credentials, supporting and training users, updating request and engagement letter templates, and using the system to report on the metrics most important to you.

With YouConnect Assist, you have full transparency and total control of your appraisal department…unlike when relying on a third party Appraisal Management Company (AMC). YouConnect software is branded for your organization, complies with your internal bank policy and credit department operations, operates with your approved vendor panels all based on a plan designed by you.

What is the difference between YouConnect Assist and an AMC? It’s simple…Control.

Who Controls the Process?

YC Assist AMC
Recruits and qualifies your approved vendors You AMC
Ensures quality control and compliance You AMC
Negotiates fees with third-party vendors You AMC
Manages vendor accounts payable/receivable You AMC
Handles valuation issues and dispute resolution You AMC
Grants access and ensures bank’s security You AMC

You have complete access to YouConnect 24/7, even from mobile devices. With YouConnect Assist, you can anticipate freeing up or eliminating the need to hire at least one additional staff member. And importantly, the YouConnect Assist solution can grow with you. Should you reach a point where you want to take the entire process in-house, the system is seamlessly turned over to you without time consuming and costly data conversions.

Your organization is unique. Every department has its own process flow. Don’t let software demand you conform to it. YouConnect Assist allows you to choose how your department functions, saving time, creating better quality communication and interactions between lending, credit and vendors while reducing the need for excessive and ineffective phone and email communications. You can easily work with the vendors you trust to give you the best service, all while ensuring your organization’s important real estate asset base is accurate and well managed.


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