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As valuation professionals, we may be missing something substantial. The gap between what we know and what we think we know may be widening. Our valuation “rules of thumb” may be becoming “old” and less meaningful. The availability and speed of data to make real estate decisions has changed the game. The market is people, […]

Who needs my best work today

The significant slowdown in appraisal volume has many fee and bank appraisers worried about keeping their jobs and their staff busy. Worrying about it isn’t productive. So what’s the secret to address the drop in work? It’s one simple sentence. Ask yourself, “Who needs my best work today?” Asking this question facilitates an abundance mindset […]

Appraisers get a lot of things right except introducing ourselves

As appraisers, we get a lot of things right, but we often fail on how we present ourselves. “I’m an appraiser” is a one-dimensional description that limits your respect, income potential, influence and relevancy. Communicate your value with clarity. We know how to order, create and review appraisals like nobody’s business. We’re the best at […]

What to look for in an appraisal management platform

The best way to determine the productivity impact of an appraisal ordering platform is to talk to chief appraiser peers. The personalized experience of implementing a new workflow system provides context for the day-to-day challenges of an appraisal department. Asking lots of questions from your peers provides context of how you can use the system […]

Remote appraisers, not what you think 

Many appraisal managers and appraisal firm owners’ careers might be damaged by staying with the same leadership playbook. It’s a mistake to think you can succeed by hanging on to a traditional office model expecting them to work in a remote form.  The problem? Many appraisers are like outsourced Upwork labor, working remote but distant. […]

Up your appraiser game with scoring 

Commercial appraisers lament about doing bank work. I’m not sure why. Often it represents 60% of the total sales volume of a typical firm. Yes, they have reviews. Yes, the fees are competitive. A more productive mindset would be to serve them better.  It may come to a surprise for some appraisers that your bank […]