Do something

What’s being ignored in your appraisal department? Maybe it’s taking time to implement an appraisal ordering platform. As an appraisal firm owner, maybe it’s thinking you’ll get around to report writing but never do. What’s the negative consequences of inaction? Unfinished business Do you ever get frustrated at unfinished tasks? Does it bug you? Are […]

How to Lead When Your Team Is Exhausted

Leading your bank’s appraisal department or appraisal firm, are you working 10-hour days, but don’t have time to get everything done? Maybe always saying “I’m swamped” is really a call to re-evaluate your leadership style. Are you currently at a breaking point? Is your team ready to jump ship? Clear your leadership lens The Arbinger […]

Hug an appraiser day

Congress approved “Hug an Appraiser Day” as a federal holiday. It’s September 21st. No they didn’t, but they should. Commercial fee and bank appraisers work hard. Very hard. Few people know it. The US commercial real estate market is about $16 trillion. The valuation industry provides due diligence as credit risk professionals. That’s a big […]

Can we get on the same page? 

Just like EOS (entrepreneurial operating system), AOS (appraiser operating system) can be a set of concepts and tools used by bank and fee appraisers to clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision.   Where’s your firm or appraisal department going? How do you plan to get there?  Is it time to update your appraiser operating system?  Way […]

Enthusiasm, don’t curb it

What’s the No. 1 attitude most beneficial for real estate valuation professionals? Enthusiasm!!! The result? More fulfilling personal and professional life and 10x increase in productivity. We’ve all experienced the difficulty staying motivated at work. Whether a fee or bank appraiser, burn out can creep in. Negative attitude can take hold. Zapping the fun out […]

Appraisal done! Whew, next one

What do shortcuts really cost appraisers? If you haven’t had a vacation in the last year, consider reading on. There’s always another report due. Does “I need to get that appraisal out” stop you from improving your process? In software development, technical debt is necessary work that gets delayed in order to hit a deadline. […]