The water cooler is dead

As the owner of an appraisal firm or appraisal manager of your department, you can no longer manage with the Ronco Rotisserie oven slogan, “Set it and forget it.” Your people need something different to be productive.   The rules of the race have changed.  If you surveyed your people, I’m betting 90% want to work […]

Who’s on your crew

Bank and fee appraisers are siloed. There’s little time to collaborate with new productive ideas including leveraging technology for your firm or appraisal department. The result? Working a lot. No vacations. No bueno. Did you ever think you’d be working this hard in your career? Race day My wife and I recently completed a sailing […]

Where are we going

The valuation industry has reached a fork in the road. The appraiser shortage is happening right now. Those remaining in the field are struggling with the current workload, fee and bank appraisers alike. It’s not getting easier. No longer can we afford to stay in chronic busy mode. It’s time to help our industry succeed. […]

Appraiser’s superpower

Commercial appraiser’s superpower is asking questions.   The questions provide master-level due diligence for buyers and investors of real estate and help banks understand collateral risk.   Let’s take one typical sentence from a commercial appraisal. Then let’s ask questions. To save space, the questions are presented in one long paragraph with incorrect punctuation Jack Kerouac-style.  I […]

Up to the next level

When’s the last time you’ve done something for the first time?  In your valuation career, what year are you operating? Repeating ideas and processes from years ago?  Time for next level?  So much stuff  This week, we moved our offices after 25+ years. After hiring a moving company with four guys for two days; I […]

Appraiser trust

Appraisers don’t provide appraisals, they provide trust. Fee appraiser or bank appraiser, it’s all you got.   Trust is created through leadership resulting in employees loving their career.   Make appraising fun.   Provide confidence USPAP is voluminous. Don Quixote long. Why’s that?  Commercial appraisals are often 100+ pages just to report one number. I was talking […]