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Commercial real estate appraisal software products DataComp, Edge, Manager and Mobility are software applications designed for and by commercial appraisers.


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“Just dropping an email to express a multitude of thanks for solving the issue with Edge so quickly and thoroughly. We appreciate the top-notch support that comes along with this great program!”

– Tyler M. Cooper
Jackson Claborn, Inc.

Jackson Claborn, Inc.

RealWired is a commercial real estate industry technology and consulting firm focused on streamlining the business of commercial real estate with processes and technology. DataComp, Edge, Manager and Mobility were designed by commercial real estate appraisers for real estate appraisers.  RealWired bundles all the features needed to make commercial appraisers more productive and increasingly competitive. DataComp is our commercial comp management database with 7,000+ customers.  Edge is our Excel-Word report writing application that automates your appraisal reports while keeping your format the same.  Manager is our web based application that automates bidding, appraisal workflow, invoicing, job log and production metrics.

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DataComp is a powerful comparable management system for storing, analyzing, retrieving and reporting commercial real estate transactions. It is versatile and user friendly, allowing real estate professionals to easily track and report their sales, listings, and leases on retail, industrial, office, hotel/motel, apartment and many other commercial property types.
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Edge allows you to integrate existing appraisal report formats and templates. Simply put, you input your appraisal data in Excel and merge it to Microsoft Word. Edge is a simple and powerful report writing software application for commercial real estate appraisers.
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Manager is our cloud-based commercial appraisal workflow application that allows you to capture bid information to discern pricing trends, track your appraisals in progress either for a single appraiser or large firm, consistently monitor the appraisal workflow from job opening, in progress, invoicing, delivery and file close. Accessible from any browser, Windows, Mac or cell phone.
Mobility DataComp and Edge are now available in the cloud and hosted by Microsoft logo
Mobility is our cloud-based hosted solution for DataComp and Edge. The applications are installed locally but the comparable data and report writing templates are stored in the cloud hosted by Microsoft. Mobility requires Internet access.

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