YouConnect Makes Bank Appraisal Workflow Easier And More Organized Than Ever Before

Handle growing appraisal
volume with YouConnect

Your bank needs to manage the process for thousands of loans. Most of these are backed by appraised collateral. Managing appraisal documents is a huge task that begs for a simpler solution.

Realwired’s modern automated appraisal workflow software is just that. Its advanced appraisal management platform is fully compliant with all applicable regulations. It also improves efficiency and encourages collaboration, giving your financial institution a competitive edge over other banks.

Discover the many features and benefits of our appraisal software YouConnect below.

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Banks from $450 billion down to $500 million in assets have found success by partnering with Realwired.

You too can become a partner of the fastest-growing appraisal management platform company in the US.


Why Choose YouConnect?

Sit back, relax, and let YouConnect do all of the hard work in your appraisal department.

YouConnect will communicate, monitor and report on all appraisals in process. What was once an endless cycle now is completed with the push of a button. See why some of the top banks in the country choose Realwired’s YouConnect below.


The Most Advanced Appraisal Software

Manual to

Cut back on repetitive tasks by automating your appraisal process. As your team handles increasing appraisal volume every week, your staff starts underperforming and repetitive tasks can result in employee burnout.

YouConnect makes everything faster. From bidding to job close, all processes speed up thanks to automatic data collections, entries, and document management. Realwired can give your banking institution an immediate, long-lasting boost with our appraisal workflow platform.

YouConnect has experienced customer success professionals that understand your department’s challenges. They provide successful onboarding providing the confidence to hit the ground running.  Improve your engagement letters and other templates. Speed up appraisal turn times while keeping your vendors happy with an easy to use platform.

Manage appraisal workflow with just a few clicks. YouConnect helps bank appraisers begin or continue their journey to automation, with confidence.

Unlike other platforms built for environmental workflow, YouConnect is all about valuation, designed by appraisal departments. Realwired’s founders are MAIs and experienced in the valuation vertical. With YouConnect, you have input to new features and enhancements.

No one likes to get the call from the lender asking the status of the appraisal. YouConnect provides a single dashboard of all work in progress providing transparency for lending and credit.

Without the controls with a platform like YouConnect, jobs can fall through the cracks. This creates significant tension between the loan officers and credit. With YouConnect™, everyone knows the status of all work in progress.

Differentiate your department by having the right reports at the right time to meet your service level agreements. Maybe you want to know the average time from the job manager assigned vs. the vendor report received. How about the number of days in review? Track anything. Grade your vendors. With YouConnect reporting, your bosses will be happy.

YouConnect vs. the Competition

No matter the size of your financial institution, get the tools you need for your team to best run your appraisal department. YouConnect, checks all the boxes.

*Realwired’s clients receive enhancements (quickly) regardless of their bank size.

The Top Minds Speak Up

Noe Borrego,

City Bank

“Realwired listens to your goals, what you’re trying to accomplish and figures out a solution.”

Christine Orendorf,

Commercial Appraisal Mgr. Cadence Bank

“We are very happy with YouConnect! Thank you!”

Chris Dalenberg,
Chief Appraiser

Valley Bank

“The team is very receptive to adding features we need to meet our organizational goals.”

Jim Muri,
Chief Appraiser

Chief Appraiser

“When you have a system that is developed by appraisers for appraisers, the system almost sells itself.”

The Top Minds Speak Up

Manual to

Cut back on all the repetitive tasks and solve them with just one click. Send emails, fill forms and follow up on clients with less falling through the cracks.

YouConnect™ vs.
the Competition

YouConnect has the best and fastest customer service, documented communication, simple audit trail, and even simpler reporting system.

Efficiency Savings For Your
Appraisal Department

Solve everything in your appraisals department without additional hiring, with increased efficiency, and improved lender and credit interaction.