Client Success Stories

Realwired scores very well
in financial security
by $207B bank.
Independent Bank YouConnect Interview
YouConnect meets SLAs with account officers even after 18 acquisitions.
Automatic tracking replaces manual tasks required by other systems.
Requested changes are completed in less than 1 hour.
YouConnect client success staff says “yes” to custom requests.
YouConnect, best platform in the industry.
Affordable and Reliable.
Bidding, engagement letters and documents done in 1 click.
Frustrations solved with same day customer response.
Excited about the opportunity to partner.

Discover How YouConnect Will
Transform Your Appraisal Workflow

Manual to

Cut back on all the repetitive tasks and solve them with just one click. Send emails, fill forms and follow up on clients with less falling through the cracks.

YouConnect vs.
the Competition

YouConnect has the best and fastest customer service, documented communication, simple audit trail, and even simpler reporting system.

Efficiency Savings For the Department

Solve everything in your appraisals department without additional hiring, with increased efficiency, and improved lender and credit interaction.