Client Success Stories

RealWired scores very well
in financial security
by $207B bank.

Andy Luzod,
Chief Appraiser

Frustrations solved with
same day customer response.

Philip Gunther,
SVP Chief Credit Admin.

YouConnect meets SLAs
with account
officers even
after 18 acquisitions.

Chris Dalenberg,
Chief Appraiser

Automatic tracking
replaces manual
required by other systems.

Jim Muri, Chief Appraiser and
Todd Ballenger, VP/Sr. Appraiser

Requested changes are
completed in less
than 1 hour.

Joe Sumers,
Appraisal Dept. Manager

client success staff
“yes” to custom requests.

Kara Platt,
VP/Appraisal Manager

best platform
in the industry.

Noe Borrego,
Assistant Vice President

Affordable and Reliable.

Lee Folsom,
Valuation Services Mgr.

Bidding, engagement
letters and
done in 1 click.

Edna Owens,
Construction Loan Admin. Manager