Considering Moving to Appraisal Workflow?

Many bank appraisers know when the time has come to implement robust appraisal management systems. What got you to this point simply won’t suffice in the future.

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Automated Workflow

Independent studies and actual customer interviews revealed that YouConnect™ created an efficiency of 25%. 

Automated workflow gives managers immediate visibility into the activities being performed, allowing monitoring of work queues, identifying bottlenecks or problems and reallocating work for responsiveness to changing conditions.

Secure & Compliant

YouConnect™ is compliant with:

  • FDIC
  • OCC
  • NCUA’s Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines
  • Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act
  • Fannie Mae’s UAD

RealWired completes the rigorous AICPA SOC2 audit annually, providing additional verification to its technology and cloud computing.


Customizeable & Real-Time

Differentiate your bank by having the right data at the right time for collateral decisions.

Sample Reports

  • Job Manager Assigned vs Vendor Report Received
  • Review vs Review Due Date = Days in Review
  • Reviewer Acceptance/Start to Review Completion Date
  • Vendor Original Delivery Date vs Review Delivery Date
  • Report Returned to Vendor & Received from Vendor

Glowing Reviews from other Chief Appraisers

“Before I switched to YouConnect, my appraisal process was “helter-skelter” with very time-consuming back-and-forth emails, manually updating several spreadsheets, and manually completing engagement letters. I was overloaded and working seven days a week and hadn’t taken a vacation in years. I was pressed for time, very stressed, always playing “catch-up” but never getting there. YouConnect has significant flexibility and an intuitive look and feel that was similar to how we worked before, but with much greater efficiency, and we didn’t lose anything in the transition! The RealWired staff was very creative in quickly providing custom changes for us to the system. YouConnect has resulted in significant time savings. I’m happy.”

Joseph A. Haritos, MAI, CCIM

Appraisal Officer, Lakeside Bank
“I feel like the flexibility and the ease of use of YouConnect are two very important qualities to a bank. YouConnect has allowed us to streamline our appraisal process with more flexible and responsive technology than some of the legacy systems out there without outsourcing to an AMC.”

Charles Byrd, MAI, AI-GRS

Appraisal Review Officer, Citizens Bank
“We began using YouConnect in August 2015 as a way to increase our data management capacity, without increasing staff. At that point, we were processing approximately 1,250 requests annually. Four years and several acquisitions later, we are processing over 5,200 requests annually and have not added staff in order to achieve management expectations. We have grown and YouConnect has grown with us. We are proud of our affiliation with YouConnect and RealWired because they care about our productivity. They get it.”

Lee W. Folsom, EA

Valuation Services Manager, Ameris Bank

YouConnect™ helps appraisers begin their journey to Automation, with Confidence


Efficiency Savings for Your Appraisal Department

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