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Watch this short video on the RealWired! philosophy:
RealWired is a commercial real estate appraisal technology and consulting firm focusing on streamlining the business of commercial real estate with technology and processes. Realwired offers appraisal workflow and vendor management for financial institutions with YouConnect and productivity software products for commercial real estate appraisers with DataComp, Edge, Manager and Mobility. All of our software products and services were designed by commercial real estate appraisers for the vertical of commercial real estate. Meet our Team
Our philosophy is that it's not all about technology - it's about people. Appraisal workflow software that is easy to use and configurable at the user level with a very short learning-curve allows banks to perform at their best. Chief appraisers and credit officers need to maintain costs while meeting regulatory compliance and efficiencies. We can provide metrics to justify your business case. You choose how your department functions, saving time and creating better quality interactions between lending, credit and vendors, while reducing the need for excessive and ineffective phone and e-mail communications.Read our Testimonials.
As commercial appraisers who have taught commercial appraisal productivity seminars in the US for the Appraisal Institute and for others we know firsthand that software needs to be easy to use and functional. Realwired provides commercial appraisers a comp database with integrated report writing and a web-based appraisal workflow application. Read our Testimonials. Read our Testimonials.
About Us

Commercial real estate appraisal consulting firm with clients in U.S. and Canada; RealWired offers innovative appraisal workflow and productivity software solutions to commercial appraisers and banks. The founders are licensed commercial real estate appraisers and hold the MAI (Member of the Appraisal Institute) designation with extensive experience in commercial real estate technology.


YouConnect provides appraisal vendor management and workflow software for financial institutions. YouConnect is easy to implement, reasonably priced, thoroughly configurable, provide comprehensive reporting and manage vendor approval, tracking and grading. It meets all regulatory compliance standards for vendor management and thorough reporting to achieve proper safety and soundness. YouConnect is SOC2 certified and hosted by a national IT infrastructure provider.

Appraisal Product Suite

Commercial real estate appraisal software solutions including DataComp, a comp database, Edge, a report writing program built into Microsoft Word and Excel and Manager, an appraisal workflow and job tracking. Mobility is Datacomp and Edge hosted in the cloud by Microsoft. All of these software applications were designed for and by commercial appraisers.

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