“What’s the one thing I can do today that will make you twice as happy with us?”

At Realwired, we’re asking that question.

  1. Are we acting like a true partner? ✅
  2. Do we provide amazing customer service? ✅
  3. Do we never use our customer’s data, unlike the competition? ✅

As a Chief Appraiser, ask these questions to your customer.

  1. “Is our appraisal department providing competitive service level agreements?”
  2. “Does the appraisal ordering process run seamlessly with full transparency?”
  3. “Are the relationship managers genuinely happy with the appraisal department?”

For fee appraisers, send your bank customers this e-mail:

“Thank you so much for being a customer.

Where is the one specific place you’d like us to improve?”

Simple but powerful.

You might get responses like,

  1. “When we engage a national firm, we would like to pick the appraiser that does the work.”
  2. “Talk to the reader more about how the subject fits into its specific market.”
  3. “Write a SWOT analysis in the HBU section as if it were your money at risk.”

Ask your team to ask the “one thing” question to you as Chief Appraiser or as an appraisal firm owner.

Be authentic, take away the threat of retribution and create an honest feedback environment.

This might be an uncomfortable exercise, but I guarantee it would be a learning experience.

I suggest a 30-day challenge.

Figure out three areas to improve by asking the “one thing” question to your customers.

Write them down. Put them on your monitor where you see it daily.

Spend one hour every day working on the recommended “one thing” suggestion.

This challenge can reframe your lens of productivity and bring the highest level of focus and successful execution.

This can lead to a life of limitless creativity, a career you never have to retire from.

Treat your customers as partners rather than just transactions.

Ask the question.