What Great Looks Like

What happens if a Chief Appraiser doesn’t run a world-class department? What’s the impact on your bank? What great looks like (WGLL – pronounced wiggle) for Chief Appraisers involves the intricate task of orchestrating appraisals efficiently while mitigating risks. Most Chief Appraisers want a well-run appraisal department but do they execute on that promise? The […]

Appraising is a great career 

Demand and opportunity have arrived for fee and bank appraisers. It’s time for us to show the way for new talent with a rebranding of our valuation industry.  Abundance mindset: I’ll be a supervisor, provide a framework for success and leverage opportunity.  Scarcity mindset: I don’t want to be a supervisor; they’ll just leave after […]

Want to bet?

Another day, another appraisal. Repeat.  If there’s a new appraisal manager in your department, what’s the first thing they’ll change? Ask the same question if you sold your appraisal firm.  Would they run it exactly the same way?   Bet money on that?   Better decisions  Annie Duke is the author of Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter […]

Stuck at the office

As a fee or bank appraiser, do you feel stuck in chronic work mode? When’s the last time you’ve had a vacation?   Fee appraisers are struggling to keep up with the current workload.  Some bank presidents and C-Suite leadership aren’t fully aware that many appraisal departments are understaffed and overworked.  Getting unstuck is a fantastic […]

One Thing

Stop putting out daily fires.  What would it feel like it if you could fix ONE THING at work? The thing that bugs you the most.  What happens if you don’t do anything different and just keep plowing?  Fatigue. Disengagement. Boredom.   As a fee or bank appraiser, we face strengthening headwinds, growing appraisal volume, under-staffed […]

Perfectionism leaves no room for iteration

Many say commercial appraising is an art but what does that really mean? Art can be defined as using imagination and creative skills, but with appraising, it has more to do with skill or craft.   The valuation art can be suppressed due to the lack of time to do your job properly. Often, we’re bogged […]