It’s time for appraisers to change

Gautama Buddha nails our valuation space’s biggest challenge… “There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not going all the way and not starting.” Successful fee and bank appraisers put client expectations as their north star for all their investment in technology and processes. Overcoming First Hurdle: Not Starting The hesitation to […]

Unacceptable phrases

“Good neighborhood”, “student” and “family room” are risible unacceptable words for appraisals. But what other phrases should truly be deemed unacceptable? My biggest (by far) pet peeve for our valuation space is… Unacceptable Phrase #1: “We’ve Always Done It This Way” This phrase reflects resistance to change. This sentence is uttered by those who choose […]

Platforms are the New Office

Platforms like YouConnect will play a pivotal role in successful remote work strategy for Chief Appraisers. As a Chief Appraisers or appraisal firm owner working remotely, how would you score your team’s effectiveness, productivity and happiness? Hanging on to the traditional office model expecting your employees to work in a remote form is a bad […]

The Curious Appraiser’s Advantage

For Chief Appraisers, are a few RMA CART meetings enough? For fee appraisers, are USPAP courses every two years enough? Are you learning enough to scale your value? How much knowledge outside our valuation bucket are you reading (books), attending (seminars) or listening to (podcasts)? Curiosity is linked so closely with success because it drives […]

Opening Doors to the Appraisal Profession

On my Indispensable Appraisers podcast, I spoke with Dr. Randy Flowers, the President of Operations at RSDS Appraisal Diversity. He just broke the 200th appraiser in his company in 55 cities. He’s graduated almost 45 trainees in the last year. RSDS is on track to hire, train and employ 500 diverse appraisers over the next […]

The world is as you are

The world isn’t as it is. The world is as you are. Our valuation industry needs a new roadmap, a new path. More connections, more optimism, more enthusiasm to improve. It’s on you. It’s on me. Let’s get to work. When you show up to the world with an open heart, a spirit of giving […]