Appraisers Succeed or Fail Together

My wife and I plus some friends recently sailed in a 500 mile race on our 36 foot catamaran to Mexico from Florida. This trip isn’t for the faint of heart. Pre-race weather report 25 knot winds gusting to 30 knots, 9 to 11 foot seas two days out on the Mexican side. Light trepidation […]

Canary in the Coal Mine

There’s an opportunity for appraisers with developers and investors to be a canary in the CRE coal mine. The buyer’s due diligence journey could START with an appraisal rather than at the end. No guess work. No wasted time. No wasted money. This can help the valuation industry move from being a “have to have” […]

Regulators camped in your offices

Many Chief Appraisers are dealing with FDIC auditors camped out in their office. The regulators are digging deep, very deep. The demands for meticulous documentation, clear communication trails and absolute compliance with regulatory standards can be overwhelming. Every decision, every valuation and every interaction needs to be tracked and justified. The pressure is immense and […]

Appraisers and Data Integration: The Vital Pipelines

Appraisers undervalue their worth. The bank C-Suite is largely unaware of the market knowledge depth of their own appraisal department. Their approved appraiser vendors are top-notch. Both are integral to the stability of the real estate industry. Like oil pipelines that fuel our industries, appraisers channel the valuable information banks need to make informed financial […]

Don’t Be a Floppy

Where were you when you first used rub on subject arrows in an appraisal? How about using double-sided sticky tape to apply subject photos in hard copy reports? Microfiche. Ugh! These three processes seem insane to an appraiser in 2024. Then why are so many appraisers reluctant to invest in modern technology? Some Chief Appraisers […]

The Script in our Head: Re-writing the Story of “Not Enough”

For a long time, I’ve had thoughts of: “You’re not good enough. You’re not interesting enough. They’ll see through you eventually.” Many of us have these thoughts –  persistent whispers in the back of our minds. The narratives we create about ourselves that shape our reality. These thoughts are wrong. This story, likely born from […]