Where were you when you first used rub on subject arrows in an appraisal?

How about using double-sided sticky tape to apply subject photos in hard copy reports?

Microfiche. Ugh!

These three processes seem insane to an appraiser in 2024.

Then why are so many appraisers reluctant to invest in modern technology?

Some Chief Appraisers are worried about their position if they choose the wrong appraisal management platform.

The reality is no one is going to lose their job from choosing YouConnect. Yet the hesitation remains.

Some commercial fee appraisers view technology like a kid views homework. “Do I have to?”

Embrace the tools, not the fear.

A “what’s next” technology mindset pays huge dividends to your income, relevancy and the ability to attract next generation appraisers.

5 Reasons Appraisers Resist New Technology

  1. Fear of Failure: Many appraisers tend to be technicians and not business people. There’s a palatable fear that they will spend money on a solution and it won’t work out. This fear mindset can lead to decision paralysis, stagnation and halt efficiency momentum.
  2. Training and Adaptation Time: Learning to use new technologies effectively can require significant time and effort. Appraisers might be concerned about the initial productivity loss as they adapt to new systems, which can be seen as a hindrance, especially if the immediate benefits are not apparent.
  3. Cost of Implementation: Adopting new technology often involves upfront costs, including purchasing software, hardware and training personnel. Bank and fee appraisers may be reluctant to invest in new technology without clear evidence of a return on investment.
  4. Data Concerns: Some software providers have language in their contracts giving them access to your data. Realwired does not use your data in any of our products for any reason. Your data belongs to you, the creator of your own content.
  5. Perceived Loss of Professional Judgment: Some appraisers view technology as a threat to their role, fearing that automation may replace the nuanced judgment that their profession requires. This can lead to resistance based on a perceived devaluation of their professional expertise.

Addressing these concerns effectively requires clear communication about the benefits of new technologies, assurances about data and onboarding support during the transition period.

Demonstrating how technology can complement, rather than replace, the skilled judgment of appraisers can also help reduce resistance and encourage adoption.

Overcome resistance and embrace change, it will unlock the potential to elevate our entire industry.

Provide your staff the modern tools to be productive.

Don’t be a floppy.