The valuation profession’s education is like the car wash guy at the tunnel entrance. It’s a rinse-and-repeat mindset.

Car wash guy waives his hand to align your tires and points to the sign that says: car in neutral, wipers off, hands off the steering wheel and foot off the petals.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a Tesla or F-150. The instructions are identical, assembly line-style, just like our education.

We have valuation education but lack present-day business education.

We have no coaching, no playbooks, no peer round table best practices. We lack entrepreneurship to attract the next generation.

Let’s seek out education folks outside our valuation bubble.

It’s time.

Here’s a “few” potential topics:

Business Intelligence, AI proficiency, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Communication Skills and Public Speaking, Team Building and Remote Collaboration, Operations Management and Process Optimization, Time Management and Productivity Hacks, Personal Branding and Professional Development;

Networking Strategies and Relationship Building, Strategic Management and Planning, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Marketing Strategy and Brand Management, Talent Acquisition, Product Development and Design Thinking, Sales Techniques and Negotiation Skills, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy;

Crisis Communication, Corporate Finance and Capital Structure, Financial Statement Analysis and Interpretation, Tax Planning Strategies, Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery, Project Management Principles and Practices, Agile Methodology and Scrum Framework, Lean Startup Methodology and MVP Development, Change Management and Organizational Resilience;

Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills, Emotional Intelligence and Self-awareness, Mindfulness and Stress Management Techniques, Creativity and Innovation Techniques and Legacy Planning.

3 Reasons Why it Matters

  1. Entrepreneurial education isn’t just about business – it’s about leadership. You’ll develop essential skills in communication, team-building and decision-making, empowering you to confidently lead and inspire others in our field.
  2. Entrepreneurial education fosters a mindset of creativity and problem-solving. You’ll discover new ways to approach appraisals, streamline processes and deliver greater value to your clients.
  3. You’ll broaden your skill set beyond traditional appraisal techniques, equipping you to tackle various challenges and opportunities.

Let’s steer away from car wash guy mindsets.

Let’s rethink appraiser education.

Foam fades, knowledge stays.