Steve is a Chief Appraiser of a $40B bank in the Southeast. He deals with FDIC audits, ROVs and gets pinged by his RMs.

He’s got a lot on his plate – strategic planning, quality control, vendor management, risk management and stakeholder communication within the appraisal department.

Steve’s tired of his entrenched inefficiencies with managing the appraisal process.

He’s frustrated, very frustrated, that he can’t provide his team customized tools to work the way he works.

After talking to another Chief Appraiser friend Katherine, Steve learned about Kaizen. This Japanese concept of making small, continuous improvements, sounds like it could help Steve and his staff.

That’s Kaizen in a nutshell. A mindset shift.

1. Identify Opportunities for Improvement

2. Analyze Processes and Create a Plan

3. Implement Small Changes

4. Monitor Results and Make Adjustments

5. Standardize Successful Practices

6. Repeat the Process

Steve was so energized to implement Kaizen in his appraisal department. He has taken the Kaizen attitude and is now internally training his staff on best practices and ideation to get their feedback.

He’s enjoying leaving behind the “rinse and repeat” mindset and now encourages a culture of constant learning and improvement.

Steve is no longer frustrated.

Fulfillment achieved.

He’s Zen, with Kaizen.