As the appraisal manager or chief appraiser, you might be asking yourself:

  1. Can having metrics improve the relationship between lending and credit?
  2. What’s the best way to identify time gaps during the loan approval process?
  3. Can I get the reports I need?

Having an appraisal workflow platform that provides reporting is that tool. Building a bridge between lending and credit facilitates protecting your bank with risk management standards. Improved communication informs lending while bringing respect to the credit department.

As a risk professional, transparency of the appraisal process is critical. Having real-time access to metrics is a game changer. Knowing things like:

  1. Number of days from lending request to credit department acceptance.
  2. Requests in process by type – appraisal, evaluation, environmental, etc.
  3. Number of days from report received to assignment of review.

YouConnect provides transparency in your credit department with reporting. Click HERE to download a Credit Department Reporting worksheet.

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