Create an engaging culture

Most commercial fee and bank appraisers operate solo. Many work from home. The lack of interaction with others diminishes the long-term happiness of working on the valuation side. Talking with your co-workers can significantly increase job satisfaction leading to ideation. It’s maximized when you understand the different personalities that people bring to the table.

Many people have taken the Myers-Briggs personality test for business. If you’re like most, you forgot what the DISC letters mean. For most appraisal firms and appraisal departments, we’re too busy to remember a coworker’s personality to maximize collaboration. Socrates said, “Know thyself.” But if you don’t, does it really matter? Does lost productivity rise to the level of importance to learn better ways of spending time and working together with your team?

Take Flight Learning presented these four personality types at my company’s strategic session. They utilize birds, which simplifies the personality characterization. The result? You will work and communicate with people in your office MUCH more effectively. New ideas will grow organically spurring efficiencies and initiatives.
The eagle is dominant (D), the parrot interactive (I), the owl conscientious (C) and the dove supportive (S).

You would think an entire office of eagles would be a good thing. Just the opposite, that would turn into fight club. If you had an office full of just doves, that too would be problematic in the other direction. Too many owls would result in perfectionitis, nothing getting completed.

“A model is a tool for the mind.”
Francis Bacon

The mojo is to have a balance of all of the birds on your staff. Recognizing people’s behavior also helps understand your appraisers and reviewers. Once this personality education is truly understood, it’s best to bend your particular “bird” to facilitate other bird’s communication style.

“Understand how they want to be treated,  not how you want to be treated.”

Solo vs. Group

The first time a pilot flies solo, there’s an aviation tradition that happens when they land. The student’s instructor rips the new pilot’s shirttail off. To celebrate the accomplishment, students decorate their ripped shirt. The shirt ritual is a sign of an instructor’s new confidence in the student symbolizing that they no longer need their assistance.

It’s time for us solo appraisers to rip off our old ways of solo working.

New energy

So, what does improving communication do? Significantly reduces errors, improves SLAs and creates a much better client experience. Lenders love an appraisal and environmental workflow that creates a positive client experience. Job managers love the transparency and control of the workflow. Communicating with the team and all being on the same page by leveraging technology is the sweet spot.

Allowing people to be comfortable in their style leads to a better appraisal product, less stress and bring FUN back into appraising. Understanding your people will facilitate everyone pulling in the same direction.