Teamwork is defined as a collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. Simple enough, but are the team players  on your appraisal department engaged? A recent Dale Carnegie white paper suggests that; “Engaged Employees (EE) are a competitive advantage, and the impact on the bottom line is now indisputable.”

As a chief appraiser or chief credit officer, you’re the leader for your appraisal department, the goaltender on the soccer field. Your team includes lenders, job managers, SVPs, VPs and credit. The team would be supported with outside vendors like appraisers, reviewers and environmental firms. Utilizing an appraisal workflow and vendor management platform like YouConnect can make you the MVP and engage all your players.

The goal of soccer is to work as a team to score. It takes skill and training to work as a cohesive unit. If you’re a job manager, you’re like a forward, looking to score a “goal”, effectively processing and completing loan requests. A common platform provides synergy with your entire team.

Soccer players wear minimal equipment, so should your technology. It should be simple, straightforward and fully configurable to work the way you do. You need the right equipment, a dashboard of work in progress, automated vendor management, real-time reporting, comp database and concentration mapping.

The clock in a soccer game is largely continuous and so is yours. Trying to keep up with appraisals, environmental, reviews and evaluations in real-time can be cardio intensive. Bank mergers and acquisitions can add additional players – good and maybe not so good to your bench, who require some training before they hit the field.  Appraisal workflow can facilitate that transition with easy onboarding of these new players.

Not having an effective appraisal workflow platform may result in penalties, a yellow card, or worse, a red card. Appraisal requests falling through the cracks or delayed closings, create animosity between lending and credit. For your financial institution, increase your odds of victory by having the right people on your team with the right equipment. Everybody wants to win. Productive technology will get you to the World Cup. Gooooaaaallll!