Leading or hiding?

Fear of failure holds back appraisers. Fear to risk anything.

Sound familiar?

Dominance of left brain thinking has limited our valuation industry. It’s time to be aspirational. Look up from your HP12C for one second. Use your imagination and ask questions.

  1. “How can appraisers be more productive?”
  2. “How do we transform the valuation industry?”
  3. “How do we elevate the appraisal department’s respect in the bank?”

Do you stay in your same role pretending
you have nothing left to learn?

Most appraisers’ left brain runs hot. Constantly analyzing, thinking about orderly sequencing and cranking numbers. Is there an imbalance leaving the right brain out of the equation? If it atrophies, we may be missing a lot of important things that are important for your appraisal firm and appraisal department.

What value do you bring without change?

The right hemisphere is associated with emotion, creativity and intuition. It controls left side of the body so right brain people are often left-handed. Can your right hemisphere help out in your day to day work? Can it amp up your productivity and your staff?

It’s hard to play it safe and crush your goals

Imagination is the reason we need to wake up the right side of our brain. Imagination is creativity and action. It allows us to go beyond the constraints of our environment, facilitating problem-solving skills. Overcoming obstacles would be a welcome attribute for those dealing with an excessive workload. I was talking with a chief appraiser that hasn’t taken a day off in six months, including weekends.

So, what problem needs to be solved right now in your world? Pause your left-brain activity for a second. Look around you. Is your workload challenged by time management? Or is your workload just plain excessive?

Lean into the uncertainty to succeed

The solution? CUSTOMIZED TECHNOLOGY. Specific tools that help increase your confidence and quality of your workday.

Get tools that allow you to work the WAY you LIKE to work.

Don’t feel like you HAVE to go with the established dated appraisal and environmental workflow platforms. Put differently: You might lose your job if you go with the “standard solution” without investigating superior alternatives like YouConnect.

Ask your bank peers. Why did you go with YouConnect?

Fee appraisers ask your peers. Why did you go with DataComp Suite?

You may say I’m a dreamer

I’m not the only one. I dream that our valuation profession coming together for massive self-improvement. Elevating, communicating and educating our way as “top of mind” go-to experts for all things CRE.

Imagination shapes the way we see our reality and therefore affects our expectations, hopes, actions and behavior.

Be more right and less left. Be bold. Take (calculated) risks. Own your value.