Many of us have been creating, ordering and reviewing appraisals for years if not decades.  

Are you close to the finish line of implementing workflow software that gives your appraisal department a runner’s high? 

Runner’s high is a deeply relaxing state of euphoria, a sense of extreme joy or delight. Does your current appraisal workflow platform give you joy?  

A goal to consider is to significantly improve your productivity, moving your department away from a cost center to profitability. Having to stick with a budget can be challenging but lacking customized tools for your team will show itself in frustrations from lack of transparency, inability to handle appraisal volume spikes and poor reporting metrics. 

RIMS/Collateral360 move to YouConnect 

Roadblocks to implementing appraisal workflow platform in your department may include concerns to not upset your lenders, budget constraints, getting senior management approval, conversion of data and other department buy-in. 

Conversion from other platforms to our system can be as short as 30 days, but typically averages 45 to 60 days. Customized engagement letters, configurable pull-downs and reporting are created to work the way you do. Data conversions typically take place after the department is up and running, so it doesn’t slow you down. With our dedicated client success team, you get to the finish line of productivity quickly. 

The lie we tell ourselves 

Many of us believe that in order to unlock success we have to take on a huge project. This elusive big project is somewhere off in the future. It’s not defined, no timeline to completion. Just a vague thought as to an arduous task that needs to be put off. Prepare to get ready, but don’t actually commit to anything. It’s a very normal feeling. You’re super busy. You’re swamped. 

What’s the true cost of kicking the productivity can down the road? 

Journey to success can applied to various things. It could be a weight loss journey, saving enough for a big travel budget or large acquisitions. I think we’re all too busy to take the opportunity to reflect on our thoughts and actions. 

I think the “A-HA” moment may come from realizing that the undefined huge project in the future will likely never be achieved. Instead, starting with daily simple actions done in repetition will result in getting way further ahead.  

Daily actions are boring. You don’t see results in the short term. That said, the daily actions are small bite-sized tasks that are easily achievable. A mindset change to interval training is a game changer. Doing something daily creates more predictable and powerful results than a 9-month journey. 

The secret = interval training 

I love the concept of interval training introduced to me by Jeff Galloway, a marathon runner. I saw him speak at a running store giving motivational advice to older runners. One woman asked, “I’m trying to keep up with my younger friends, but end up injuring myself.” Jeff’s advice was, “Get new friends.”   

The point being Jeff doesn’t want you to get injured leading to hanging up your shoes. Interval training (run/walk) allows you to train injury free. I love four-minute run, one-minute walk intervals. These resting breaks off much less fatigue, time to recoup, allowing you to perform way better than running with no breaks. 

Unlock your success  

Start today to implement YouConnect, the trusted industry standard of appraisal workflow for banks. I can put you in touch with numerous happy appraisal department managers and chief appraisers that moved off their old platforms. Access to our client success team provides this seamless transition.  This might be the big idea for transformation of your appraisal department. 

Experience a runner’s high in your appraisal department. 

You’re closer now than you’ve ever been.