Appraiser Bias Narrative

You’ve probably have heard what happened. An interracial couple orders a residential appraisal in Jacksonville, value comes in at $330,000 for the black wife and $465,000 for the white husband. Different appraisers, same bank, different comps, different outcome.   Do

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Abundance of Caution

As a fee or bank appraiser, is your productivity lagging behind your peers? Are you stuck at a red light?  USPAP defines Appraiser’s Peers as:

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Appraiser Mojo

“OMG, you’re an appraiser? That’s AMAZING!” I hear this all the time…no…never. But why not?   Mojo is that exact time when you do something powerful, purposeful and impactful. You can feel it.

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Appraisal department overload

Appraisal departments: absolutely swamped, understaffed, not enough people on my team, overwhelmed, don’t have the time, doing a job that’s meant for two people, working

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Appraiser shortage, do you feel it?

Many commercial fee appraisers are currently turning down jobs. They’re reducing their coverage areas. Cherry picking the easier jobs. Increasing fees. That’s the case in July

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What brings you here today?

“I work hard creating my appraisals; it frustrates me when reviewers ask for a bunch of revisions for a low fee.” – commercial fee appraiser. “It’s hard enough to

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Commercial Evaluation Report Template

Commercial evaluations that comply with USPAP.

Eval format that your department and fee appraisers can use right now.