2022 Predictions – Crash or Boom

Crash Or Boom? – As appraisers, we have a Spidey sense that the real estate market is overheating right now. Appraisers worry when they see unsustainable values. Appraisal departments worry about their bank’s collateral.  Rising inflation, future interest

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Why’re appraisers always swamped?

The alligators represent inefficiencies, tedious manual processes and duplicative work.  Appraisers have never worked harder, but what makes a successful appraisal department?  Too much to

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Shrinking pool of appraisers

Where’d all the appraisers go?   Banks are struggling to find appraisers. Residential and commercial appraisers are extremely busy, charging more and taking a lot longer.  

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Where stress comes from

Do you ever wonder why some appraisal departments seem to run smoothly, while other are reactionary? Stuck in chronic stress. Job dissatisfaction.  Stress is the conflict between what you have

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Appraisal Volume

You’re right. Your appraisal volume is overwhelming.  “Focus you must, or pain you will feel.”Yoda  Confessions of a stressed-out appraiser, “I struggled with managing my time…so I

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Spinning your wheels

What’s the true cost to your appraisal department if your appraisal and environmental platform lacks the reporting you need? If your bank was being acquired, would they keep your current platform? If your department lacks

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