Bad monkey

Chief appraisers and commercial fee appraisers often don’t get training on time management, people management and how to be efficient. Sometimes they get bogged down

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It’s not you, it’s me, an unhealthy relationship

AMCs, an unhealthy relationship? Most fee appraisers loathe AMCs (appraisal management companies). Many feel they’re unprofessional, unknowledgeable with wildly inconsistent reviews and antiquated platforms phrenetical pinging for status updates. To be fair, there are a select few that are professional

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Open to rethinking

What if you’re wrong? Few ask themselves that question. Most see the negative side of rethinking what we believe to be true. Indecisive as CEO

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Commercial Evaluation Report Template

Commercial evaluations that comply with USPAP.

Eval format that your department and fee appraisers can use right now.