Optimistic appraisers do better

As an appraisal department manager, why are you so worried about lender push back?   If worrying has so many drawbacks, then why do you do it?  A pessimist describes the state

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You’re hired!

“You’re hired” are words rarely spoken in the valuation space. As commercial fee appraisers or appraisers in banks, we definitely can use the help. We’re

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You’re closer now than you’ve ever been

Many of us have been creating, ordering and reviewing appraisals for years if not decades.   Are you close to the finish line of implementing workflow software that gives your appraisal department a runner’s high?  Runner’s

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Appraiser leadership, how’s it going?

Are you at your breaking point?  As appraiser managers or firm owners, we often work 10 hour days, but yet we don’t have time to get our work done. Does this sound familiar? Maybe it’s

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Appraiser Bias Narrative

You’ve probably have heard what happened. An interracial couple orders a residential appraisal in Jacksonville, value comes in at $330,000 for the black wife and $465,000 for the white husband. Different appraisers, same bank, different comps, different outcome.   Do

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Abundance of Caution

As a fee or bank appraiser, is your productivity lagging behind your peers? Are you stuck at a red light?  USPAP defines Appraiser’s Peers as:

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Commercial Evaluation Report Template

Commercial evaluations that comply with USPAP.

Eval format that your department and fee appraisers can use right now.