Come out of the cold

Appraisers are like snow leopards, one of the most elusive animals in the world. Those in the valuation space, both fee and appraisers in banks,

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Out of ambition or necessity

The relationship between commercial fee appraisers and chief appraisers in banks has changed dramatically over the years. There’s a lot of established relationships, but there’s

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A Week of Mondays

If you talk to any chief appraiser or appraisal manager, you hear pretty much the same words. “I’m swamped.” They’re not saying, “I’m pretty busy”

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2 Most Powerful Words

The most two powerful words in business productivity today are “what if?” There are other iterations of this powerful two word mantra such as “should

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Commercial Evaluation Report Template

Commercial evaluations that comply with USPAP.

Eval format that your department and fee appraisers can use right now.