Appraiser’s superpower

Commercial appraiser’s superpower is asking questions.   The questions provide master-level due diligence for buyers and investors of real estate and help banks understand collateral risk.  

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Up to the next level

When’s the last time you’ve done something for the first time?  In your valuation career, what year are you operating? Repeating ideas and processes from

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Appraiser trust

Appraisers don’t provide appraisals, they provide trust. Fee appraiser or bank appraiser, it’s all you got.   Trust is created through leadership resulting in employees

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Put a ring on it

Have you ever noticed we call our contracts “engagement” letters? Regardless, it’s the start of a contractual relationship between fee and bank appraisers. What’s something

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Another 50+ hour week

Appraisal departments are “fighting huge fires internally.” The workload is “killing us right now.” Did you think at this point in your career you’d be

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